there he was

walking by

no clue

both of us

i asked

he said okay

one take

one moment

one handshake


and there it was:

my all time favorite

you i see

From the age of 14, Rotterdam borned Nathan Mooij, was everywhere to be found in nature or abandoned places to shoot his black an white Kodak T-max films. The other option was the darkroom (read: big closet) he build on his 15th to develop his own photowork.

His grandfather Piet, was the one giving him his first Asahi Pentax K1000, with 35mm. This is how the love for storytelling with pictures started. This lead to a degree in Professional Photography at Fotovakschool Apeldoorn. After years with Canon Eos digital, the family completed after welcoming Pentax Monstercamera, the Pentax 67. One of his old time favorites. Heavy, big, unbreakable and analog. With the unique lenses 35mm/105mm/165mm. The best of all worlds, analog 6x7 meets digital.

His work is described best as : connection with the subject / the person / the moment. He works with both eyes open to keep the connection. The physical eye-contact with the subject isn't lost while the other eye gazes through the camera. Most of the pictures are just one-takes.

One of his publications: "More than meets the eye" by Naked eye project pushes this to the next level. The raw pictures of beautiful humans with all there flaws and insecurities, are all about the eye-contact. Mostly one-takes on the right moment. The deeper level behind this photo is catching someones rational or emotional characteristics in their eyes and enhance these by cloning the portrait; one with two right and one with two left eyes in a edited picture. Read more about it on the special tab or at the website

He is able to capture the moment, the split second whether its within the light of the sun, the gravity of the water or when emotions flow at the most vulnerable moments when a life begins or ends......



Contact or book nathan: +31617900547

If you dont do it with passion, dont do it! Everting becomes real when you are real!
If we connect, when working together,
techniques are only the way to produce the image. You and i made it art! You and i!
— nathan mooij
by Jenine Smink

by Jenine Smink